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IoT, Android & Windows 10                         

IoT, Android & Windows 10

Welcome to the professional website of Robert Hellestrae; 

C#, Xaml, API's & Xamarin for IoT, Android & Windows 10 projects;

contents of site: resources:
An abbreviated resume; Windows Dev Center
Android, Windows Phone apps; MS Developer Network
Windows Store applications for tablet, notebook, desktop devices; Microsoft News Center
Player Trump
   a digital sports card game for Windows Phone;
Farm Markets
   for Amazon Fire Phone - voices of organic food;
NYC Insider
   for Amazon Fire Phone - a guide to NYC, reviews;
Baseball Studio
   for Android - powered by Twitter, ESPN Mobile;
Surf Expo
   details, videos of the world's best surfing spots;
NFC Social
   chat room, messaging with NFC and Bluetooth;
Baseball Studio
   powered by ESPN, Twitter - tweets and analysis;
Pigskin Studio
   powered by ESPN, Twitter - tweets and analysis;
Farm Markets
   for Windows Phone - build healthy food cultures;
Nature Explore
   for Windows Phone - info, maps on 100 top trails;
   a fabulous catalog of candy, with shopping details;
Best Coffee Shops
   Windows Phone - a guide to indie coffee shops;
NYC Inside
   a guide to NYC - coffee, shopping, restaurants;
Essential Trivia
   enjoy the fun of trivia - no boards, cards, tokens;
Best Coffee Shops
   top indie coffee shops across the Unites States;
Farm Markets
   featuring voices of the organic food movement;
Nature Explore
   a guide to national parks, with mapping details;

Code, Design, Technology

Work with SQLite, MvvmCross for Windows tablet business apps - includes database support for disconnected scenarios, and portable class libraries;

Work with SQL Server data for Windows apps - via ASP.Net Web API's;

Develop for IoT, Android & Windows - web content and social media, Microsoft Design, Xamarin.Android, Bing Maps and Search, Microsoft Azure Media and Mobile Services, web API's + services, NFC + Bluetooth, Mojio to provide driving details for a connected car mobile project - with speech notifications;

Design + develop SQL Reporting Services web projects with ASP.Net 4.0;